10 Tips You Can Do To Get The Best Service Possible

1. Tell your cleaner everything you know about a stain.Woman Stain

Even if the stain is obvious, tell you dry cleaner anything you know about it, including the staining substance, home stain removal attempts, and how long ago the stain occurred. Dry cleaners use several different procedures to remove stains, depending on the fabric and type of stain. Fruit juices, oily stains, soda, coffee and other substances are difficult to remove and require special attention.

2. Don’t allow a stain to set in.

The sooner a garment is cleaned, the more likely the stain will be removed. Do not iron stained or soiled clothes; it will set the stains and drive the soil deeper into the fabric. It is not recommended to try home remedies on dry clean-only garments. Be sure to always blot a stain, not rub.

3. Take note of invisible stains and tell you cleaner.

Sometimes stains seem to disappear when they dry. It’s important to point out ALL stains to your dry cleaner. They’ll know to treat the “invisible” or lightly stained areas prior to cleaning. If they aren’t aware of the stain , the heat of drying and finishing may set the stain permanently. Watch out for stains from white wine, soft drinks, and sugary substances, as these tend to become “invisible”.

Also, inks are very hard to remove. Tell your cleaner if you have had an ink pen break and the type of ink. Is it ball point, flair, or gel? Ink is like a nose bleed, once it starts bleeding, it’s hard to stop. Ink will spread to other parts of the garment when attempting to remove the stain. Do not attempt to remove these stains yourself. I don’t know how many times we’ve had a customer who uses ice or alcohol on ink and end up setting in the stain.

4. Never remove a care label

Care labels are permanently attached to garments for both you and your cleaner. Even if you never plan on having your garment dry cleaned, the care label has valuable information that will be helpful to you.

5. Don’t store your clothes in a plastic bag.

The plastic bag your dry cleaner uses is only to protect your garment on your way home. The plastic causes humidity to condense in the bag, causing mildew and weakening the fabric. Garments should be stored in cool, dry places Have items cleaned prior to storing them and do not keep them in places where there is excessive heat or moisture, such as in attics or basements.

On my next post I will give you the next 5.

Thanks and make it great day!mark_truck


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