6 Costly Misconception About Dry Cleaning Continued…

Misconception #1: Frequent Dry Cleaning Shortens The Life Of  Your Garment

No. On the contrary, frequent dry cleaning prolongs the life of a garment. Not only do stains set with age, making the garment unwearable, but ground-in dirt and soil act as an abrasive, like sandpaper, causing rapid wear of fibers. Also, insects love soiled garments and will cause further damage.

A study conducted by North Carolina State University showed no negative effect on fabrics from regular dry cleaning. And for sensitive fabrics, dry cleaning is gentler AND the recommended method.

In addition, your clothes, bedspreads and pillows harbor hundreds of thousands of dust mites. Why should you care about dust mites? Because more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, causing almost 10% of all doctor visits. According to Georgetown University Medical Center, the number one enemy of allergy sufferers is the dust mite. I know this as fact because I am one of those 50 million who suffers from dust mite allergies just ask my wife.

These microscopic creatures can double their numbers in 10 hours and feed off human skin flakes. That means that your clothing, drapes, bedding and pillows are a dust-mite nursery!

Dust mite feces is responsible for the coughing, sneezing, headaches and itching symptoms common to allergies. Unlike pollen, dust mite allergens attack all year. That’s why frequent, extensive dry cleaning of your clothes, blankets, drapes, comforters and pillows is recommended.

Numerous studies have shown that dry cleaning is the simplest, least expensive and most effective means to reduce dust mite allergens and relieve allergy and asthma symptoms! The studies found that, in most cases, laundering only killed a few of the dust mites, while dry cleaning killed most, if not all, of the mites! Of
course, your dry cleaner should determine if your blankets, comforters and drapes are colorfast, before processing.

Misconception #2: The Only Reason To Have Your Clothes Dry Cleaned Is To Get The Dirt and Dust Mites.

No. As you probably know, air pollution, cigarette smoke,car exhaust and hundreds of other chemicals. These chemicals get carried on your skin, and in your clothes.

If you have allergies, asthma, emphysema, or other breathing problem-the source could be breathing the pollutants trapped in your clothes. In addition, tobacco, smoke contains over 4000 different chemical compounds, 43 of which may causes cancer. And if you don’t smoke you pass through air that has secondary smoke residue. So, one other reason to dry clean more often is to get rid of these pollutants.

My next post I will share with you:
Misconception #3  Dry Cleaning Means No Liquids Are Used In The Process.

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